A-Z Directory of Departments & Services

  • All addresses are in Arlington, VA unless otherwise noted.
  • If you notice an error or have a suggested addition to the services directory, email us.
  • For general information, call 703-228-3000.

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 DepartmentName of Service Location Phone
Non-County60 Plus Association - senior advocacy515 King St, Suite 315, Alexandria, VA 22314
DHSArlington Employment Center2100 Washington Blvd
DHSEmployment Center, Arlington2100 Washington Blvd
DHSSummer Services for Youth2100 Washington Blvd
HRJob Openings (County Government) - 24-hour jobline2100 Clarendon Blvd Room 511
DHSFood (Meals for Adults 60+) - Senior Centers2100 Washington Blvd
DHSWoodmont WeaversBallston Common Mall 3rd Floor
DHSAging and Disability Services2100 Washington Blvd 4th floor
DHSSenior Adult Transportation
DHSSenior Citizen Affairs - Aging and Disability Services2100 Washington Blvd 4th floor
DHSSocial Services Adults With Disabilities2100 Washington Blvd 4th floor
DHSMental Health - Senior Adults2100 Washington Blvd
DHSHandicapped Services2100 Washington Blvd
DHSVolunteer Guardianship Program2100 Washington Blvd 4th floor
DHSGuardianship Program2100 Washington Blvd
DHSNursing Case Management2100 Washington Blvd
DHSMadison Adult Day Health Care Center2909 16th St South
DHSCenters - Adult Day Health Care Center3829 N Stafford St
DHSSenior Adult Travel (55+)300 N Park Drive
DHSSenior Citizens - Information2100 Washington Blvd
DHSSocial Services for Seniors2100 Washington Blvd 4th floor
DHSDay Health Care, Adult - Madison Center3033 Wilson Blvd
DHSOver 60 Intake2100 Washington Blvd
DHSMental Retardation Client Services2100 Washington Blvd
DHSDevelopmental Disability Services2100 Washington Blvd 4th floor
 DepartmentName of Service Location Phone